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Sonntag, 12. August 2012

Day 7: Speyer - Bingen

If the nuclear power station would have blowen up, I would have survived. Sleeping in the cellar does have it's pros. 
Nothing happened thought and I woke up to early again. At breakfast I was eating with an elderly women who, I think, still is in WW2. There were a lot of people here with some disabilities (mentally).
After breakfast on the bike and along the Rhein on it's Deichs. A lot going on on that river, from normal boats to jetskies and waterskiing people. Travling along at about 25km/h for the first 2 hours I was mostly the one overtaking people, even the racebikers. There weren't a lot of people at 9 o'clock in the morning but more and more came to the long, strait roads of the Deich to do some sport, have a walk with their dogs, etc.
After 60km of keeping an average speed of about 23 km/h (you have to count slowing down for people, going around sharp curves) I decided to have some lunch shortly behind Worms. Name reminds me of a PC game were wormes blow each other up. 
Wanted to have lunch outside in clear blue sky with not a cloud to see anywhere, so I asked for a table and put it outside overlooking the Rhein. An older couple soon yoined and to my surprise knew/had heard about Allgäu and even Nesselwang (mainly due to old blocked road radio reports).
After lunch I was on my way towards Mainz along bumpy forest trails and uncared tarmac roads. They marked it as the Rhein biking path but going along some trail on a treking bike would be painfull. Passed the nuclear power stations Biblis A + B, both switched of. At one point my GPS map got confussing. It said there was land there but I came out just above a quarry lake. Checked the map and it had all shifted by about 500m.
Correcting the way it was further towards Mainz, racing again a cargo ship ("Provider"). I was faster, the ship had more stamina. Shortly before Mainz I refilled my bottled with ice-cold water in a family run restaurant. 
Then through Mainz, interesting city, but not for bikers. Doging people, dogs and other bikers you haven't the time to see the city. Did stop at some points for a few picis. After Mainz it was through the city gardens. Probably a lot of city people have got their own small gardens to care for there. Some where grilling, others watering plants, all on about 5x3m.
Passed the 100km mark at some point there and had a rest as a reward (my bum is still aching). Then it was further on to Bingen past an old bridge, of which only the foundations in the water and the bridge parts on land were left.
There only seem to be big citys here. Bingen is also hughe. Got a lot of industry, kultur, loud goods trains, ... Also some kind of big church with loud bells. On the other side of the river there is some kind of castle on the hills. I have reached the parts of the Rhein where there are vineyards left and right.
Reached the youthhostel after taking a wrong turn at one point and after a shower had some dinner and lots of tee.

Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 7 hours 15 min
Distance: 144,4 km
Daily average speed: 19,9 km/h

Total time in saddle: 42 hours 45 min
Total distance: 708 km
Average speed: 18,2 km/h

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