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Samstag, 11. August 2012

Day 6: Dobel - Speyer

Woke up far to early today, at about 5 o'clock. Went down and had breakfast with a few motorbike groups also staying at the hotel.
After breakfast of to pack and then away on the bike.
All downhill, through forests along forest paths. Came out in a town at some point and as they had a bike repair place there I visited it to see about my gears. Was a bit like Jon's actually; small, one man and an untidy workplace (no offence Jon).
It turned out that a place that is supposed to break under extrem conditions near my back gears had bent a lot. We had to bend it back into place and if it broke, he didn't have any spares. Also something on my gears has broken and I will probably need some new ones.
After those tense moments everything worked again, nothing had broken and I set of again. Through a lot more towns, up a few hills and past a lot of horses. I think that that is the main sport here: horse riding.
Had a stop in a bakery for some lunch and it was very cheap for the amount I got. They advised me to look my bike so it seems I am in "bike-steal-land" now. 
After lunch it was always further towards the Rhein, which in the end I found. It looked very refreshing, as I have blue sky and blazing sun here. The only downside was the very strong opposing wind. It is flat now, so no surprise. And then along and along the Rhein. The roads/tracks are long and you can see the end in a few kilometers distance. I took a wrong turn at one point and ended up standing on one side of the river with the trail continuing a few meters onwards. The problem was the stretch of water in between. All back again and then the correct way. 
Part 1 of my tracks has finished now and I have to open my second track now. Then on along the Rhein Radweg were I met loads of hevely packed people coming the other way.
At one point I must have left the cycling path. There were no people on bikes coming the other way (actually there were no people at all) and I felt more like some jungle explorer. Dodging nettles left, right and top, jumping over a mudy area, and having some great views of the river. Nope, deffinitly no normal bikers here.
Came out after following a small path to see hughe colling towers of a nuclear power station (Phillipsburg a local said, I think) on the other river side with some people watching some boats passing on the parking place I had come out on. Had a short race against one of the slow boats (which I would have won) but had to turn back inland. Raced against a student on an old bike where it was flat. Were going at about 30 km/h constantly for 20 min. 
Then through an industrial area seing the Dom and airial museum of Speyer in the distance. I had through Speyer would have been a 5000-10000 inhabitants town. It is a lot bigger. Cycled right past the youthhostel in the end, looking at a big bridge. Turned round and went back to get a matres in the cellar, plus evening meal and breakfast, all for under 20€. Bike is securly looked up in a bike garage which looks mor lik a jail.

Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 6 hours 15 min.
Distance: 114,0 km
Daily average speed: 18,1 km/h

Total time in saddle: 35 hours 30 min.
Total Distance: 563 km
Average speed: 16,4 km/h

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