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Freitag, 10. August 2012

Day 5: Kniebis - Dobel

Woke up (what a surprise) to my alarm ringing (again). Went downstairs to have breakfast all alone. The other older ones weren't awake yet and the owners had their own breakfast room. I once again got the feeling they wanted to get rid of me, so after less than an hour I was of and away. 
Cycling through the Black Forest Highmarshes (wordly translated) is really fun. I crossed the main road now and then and it always went up and down through forests and marshes. At one point a few trees had fallen over the way naturaly, probably a recent storm as they were still green, and I had to get off and push around them. 
Then finally I had reached the 1000m Höhenweg, a path along one side of the mountain with a panorama view of the Rheintal looking towars Straßburg. There were a few clouds and some looked black and unwelcoming but they didn't rain down. Cycling along the path towards Ruhestein I got a first glimps of the Hornissgrinde with its hughe mast on it. Meeting another biker I had a chat with him untill we were in Ruhestein where I filled up my water supply and said goodby as he was going somewhere else. Then along forest tracks through the part of the Black Forest that had died completly. Some tree virus and a big storm, I think. Biked past a lot of walkers as the area seemed quiete toristy. Reaching the Mumelsee I had to navigate through a lot of tourist and some complained about bikers. They all just stayed in the area of the lake (which had "treetboote" on it) and nearly none went to the top. 
Cycling uphill I reached the top of the Hornissgrinde and the highest point on my journey at 1150m above sea level. As it was cloudy the mast always shifted in and out of view which was a challenge for the family I had tasked with taking a picture of me in front of it. Managed halfway (see Facebook) and I continued along some stone slaps. Cycling along them the first accidente happened. One of the bungys holding my bag fell of and was caught in my back gear disc. Resullt: full brake/stop + not out of clickis fast enough  = fall over.
Luckily nothing bad happened and I fell in some shrubs but it took a while to get the bungy out. After securing everything properly I pushed the rest, as it was rocky, until I came directly under the mast. Dont know how SWR managed to plonck a 200m concret tower in the middle of a nature and forest reserve. After that some pushing through the nature reserve until the forest trails started again.  Then biking untill I reached the "planned" youthhostel in Forbach. Continuing along I raced down a rocky trail frightening a family (the mother even put her hand in front of her mouth in shock) were I reached a nice forest lake. 
After that it was through forest once again to the nearest town for something to eat. Then downhill to about 200m before I found out I had to bike back up to 828m (arrgg!). Once again up and up and up. At one point I fell over again. Reason? My first gear wouldn't work anymore. Later I found out that my last three gears would also randomly change. Brilliant!
Later I came past an old sawmill and a farmers wife wich treated her animals like family. It seemed to work, the sheep were doing everything she said.
Then along a tarmac road to the top of the Dobel. Had a rest at the top, well deserved I would say after 80km and 1600m altitude climbing. After that downhill to the town of Dobel where I am now in bed after something to eat and an ice to celebrate biking through the Black Forest.

Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 6 hours
Distance: 80,0 km
Daily average speed: 13,2 km/h

Total time in saddle: 29 hours 15 min. (over a day!)
Total Distance: 449 km
Average speed: 14,6 km/h

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  1. Hello Max,
    The Black Forest may be very beautiful, but that's no reason to keep kissing the ground like the pope. :)
    Keep up the good work and stay on your bike.
    Heinz, Mary and Tamara