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Dienstag, 7. August 2012

Day 2: Langen - Überlingen

Woke up at 8 o'clock due to my alarm and bright sunlight shining through the window. 
Went downstairs and was welcomed by Mary and Heinz with a very good breakfast. After talking and packing I left at ten, which I thought was a bit late.

Strait away it went uphill and then back down along a super forest trail with a lot of big stones and waterfalls along the side. Had my first  flat tire but fixed it no problem. Setting of up the Pfänder I had to walk a short way because it was rather stony and steep. Met a boy driving a tractor with a tree being pulled behind and his father sitting on the front which I asked for local directions. He warned me about a short, steep bit but I continued walking on along what seemed a stream. After not to long I reached bikable terrain again and continued biking to the top of the Pfänder. What a view: Lake Constant, Lindau, Swiss Alps you name it.
Carrying on I went along trails downhill and was happy I didn't have any saddlebags. Reached a none-biking section of the trail and as I probably would have had to walk anyway, I went down the main road at top speeds.
Then some city navigation to get to Lindau and my first food stop for the day. 

In Lindau the cyclist migration seemed to start. Hundreds of bikers everywhere, and most of them with no helmet. Met two bikers from Memmingen on the way, Heike and Wolfgang, and biked until Friedrichshafen with them, where we had an ice. Wolfgang had a slow "klicky" accident on the way, but all was fine.

After Fridrichshafen  it was on to Überlingen where I would hopefully get a night in the youthhostel. Biking there were also hundreds of other bikers and reaching the youthhostel I, to my dismay, found out it was full. 

Looking through my GPS I found a promising place to sleep and set of towards there. Rang at a few pensions on the way, but they were all full.
Meeting a race-biker I ask him if he knew anything, but he didn't. He biked with me until the farm I had lokated. Turned out they only have Ferienwohnungen but Heidi (the owner I think) told me for one night she could offer me the room of her daughter. Gratefully I accepted and in the evening had a Pizza and a drink on the Promenada of Überlingen and returned to the horse farm for the night.

Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa

Time in saddle: 4 hours 45 min.
Distance: 81,5 km
Daily average speed: 16,9 km/h

Total time in saddle: 9 hours
Total distance: 155 km
Average speed: 17,1 km/h

(And sorry about my probably carastrophic english, but the text hasen't been through the text checker yet)

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