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Donnerstag, 9. August 2012

Day 4: Triberg - Kniebis

First words: The Black Forest has got a lot of forest.

Woke up to a breakfast in the youthhostel. An "all you can eat" menu. 
Setting of I went along my marked trail as usuall and came past beautifull Black Forest scenery with their typical houses. And all this along forest trail and through grass with no tarmac. At one point I did come to a main road. Looking at it I thought that it looked familiar. Checking my GPS I found out I had set of the wrong direction, back home (crap). Turning around and racing along the nearly empty main road (no comparison to Allgäu, Black Forest main roads are EMPTY) I lost about an hour untill I reached Schonach. After that once again along an empty tarmac road and then into the forest. Had to stop at a point because lumberjacks were working where I had planned to cycle. Meeting two other MTBers we searched for a different track and my GPS found a way around. After that along a really long downhill forest track meeting other bikers and walkers on their way up. 
After some time I said goodby to the other two as they were heading for Haslach and my aim was a different one. Short bike along a road and then trail cycling. And really trail cycling. Had to get off at some points due to roots and stones. 
Continuing after that it was all downhill untill about 300m above sea level. Had lunch in a very good place there. Cheap, easy and tasty.
I knew what was coming after that but that didn't make it any better. Up, up and uphill. At every farm I passed I stoped to refile my water as I knew that after the climb was a lot of forest. After reaching the top at about 800m the forests started. For 30-40km nothing but forest. For today I have had enough of trees. The most civilised part was the forest track I was following. 
I did meet a couple in there wich looked like they were lost or hiking through the forest somehow. Also towards the end a mountainbiker. Came past one farm with haybails around it next to a forest gravejard. 
After ages I saw houses again and in the next possible place filled up my deepleted water supplies. After that back through forests, but not so long. Came out in Kniebis then and was spent as I had done 95km and 1600 Höhenmeter with nearly always forest around me. Rang up the youthhostel in Forbach to ask if they still had space. Nope, they were full, so I looked for a stay in Kniebis. Found one in a pension and got changed into clothes and went to eat after that.
I have never felt so uncomfortable eating. All around me finnly dressed people over 60 and the prices were also something expected from a six star hotel. 3 knives, 3 fork and 2 spoons. Who the heck needs so much. And then the waiters were also very proffesional. You dont just pay by giving them money for a bill, you put the money into a book which they then take and bring back the change in the book. I was happy when I had finished and out, and I prefer NETO bakerys, the girls were also a lot younger.
Lying in bed now and can her a mouse in the wall (I am happy I have got a roof above my head).

Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 6 hours 45 min.
Distance: 94.5 km
Daily average speed: 14.0 km/h

Total time in saddle: 23 hours 15 min.
Total distance: 369 km
Average speed: 15,3 km/h

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  1. Great going Max! Bet you've never eaten a meal so quickly as in that restaurant :)